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Once upon a time…

Susan married childhood sweetheart Ian.

Hairdresser Ian opened his first salon and Susan decided to train as a nail tech. The couple had 3 children. Susan relished the role of full time mum until she was able to return to beauty.

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Chapter 1 – beauty

In 1992 Susan & Ian chose to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a once in a lifetime trip to LA. Accustomed to performing her own beauty routines, Susan uncharacteristically treated herself to a manicure. She was so taken in by the experience and the results that she decided to introduce the brand to their salon’s customers (and subsequently to thousands of other salon and spa customers). That brand was Jessica.

Susan has personally trained thousands of therapists in the Jessica technique of manicuring.

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Chapter 2 – the breast

Six months on from launching her beauty business, 47 year old Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She believes she may well not be here today if it hadn’t have been for a conversation she had with a lady at the dry cleaners. The woman mentioned that she had breast cancer. Susan panicked, she’d had 2 benign lumps removed in her 30’s, and had been told to return for yearly checkups. She hadn’t been back for 8 years. That night Susan examined herself in the bath and found a lump. She contacted the surgeon. The cancer had likely been developing for many months – it had spread to her lymph glands.

Susan underwent a partial mastectomy followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Spurred on by her love of beauty she found the strength to continue to push the business forward, resting every now and then, to recharge her body, on a make-shift office bed.

In the years that followed Susan’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer too, followed by Susan’s daughter-in-law and her daughter, Danielle, at the age of 41. None carried the BRCA hereditary gene and all thankfully came through the illness.

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Chapter 3 – life after breast cancer

Twenty-eight years on and Susan is a recognised pioneer within the UK professional beauty industry, having helped develop and grow a variety of award winning beauty brands, both nationally and internationally.

In 2011 Susan fulfilled a lifetime ambition to develop her own spa and salon focussed beauty brand, Mii Cosmetics.

Thankful of her many healthy years as a breast cancer survivor, Susan plays an active role in supporting various breast cancer charities Look Good Feel Better, Future Dreams, the beauty industry’s Nail Breast Cancer campaign and Breast Cancer Haven.

Beauty & the Breast is a new partnership between Susan’s beauty company and Breast Cancer Haven. It has been created to ensure that breast cancer survivors are able to continue to receive the amazing support offered by the charity, enabling them to return to living a healthy, happy life.


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the story continues…

Susan and Ian have recently celebrated 54 years of marriage. They continue to drive the business forward from within a slightly lighter lockdown status. Besides new product development for Mii cosmetics, Susan is most looking forward to a time when she’ll be able to safely hug, cook and care for her 3 children and 6 grandchildren once more.